Special Promotion - two free copies of "When There is No FEMA"

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Hi All,

I really need to get some copies of my new book out and in the hands of preppers, so I thought I would give away free copies to the first three people who add comments for this announcement on the web site. So, just visit the web site and add a comment to it, and if you're one of the first three, then I'll follow up with an email and get a free copy to you. The book normally sells for $32.



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Yes, Indeed so...I desire it! Ted A Sames II, Sames Instinctive Shooting School, 3326 W Shell Point Road, Ruskin, FL 33570, 813-938-3686

I thought Id see oodles of comment. I would love to get a free copy of this book.


I guess this makes me no. 3. I hope you're doing well. i thought there would have been more people also. I like to support my homies, so I'll also purchase one. will you sign these?